Quiet Performance Track System

This QP system is proving very popular with trackday enthusiasts. The large silencer is a 70mm bore, straight-thru design (no power-loss or dangerous back-pressure introduced) with TWO internal Helmholtz resonance chambers (H2 design). I use V-band connectors at the SDCP/System join for a good gas-tight connection and again at the merged tailpipe module to help adjust the tailpipes in the diffuser. Only 2bular offer a straight-thru trackday silencer system which will meet ANY decibel limits on a UK track.

You see the internal spot-welds at each end holding the plates forming those chambers? Not an easy task, especially on an oval silencer! It's the only 70mm performance system that will get you down to the low 90's decibel readings yet still have a decent sound-track for the road when you remove the tailpipe add-ons.

Check here for more info on Track exhausts! - http://www.exhaustcompare.com/index.php/news/item/416-quiet-trackday-exhausts

Looking at the V6 'S'/350 layout you can see a larger Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP) compared to the 380/400 series cars. All good for noise-control and combined with the Track-only Add-on silencers, you can be very confident of meeting any drive-by noise limits.

The BIG H2 silencer combined with the chambered Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP) will get you onto some tracks (approx 98dbs). Annoyingly, I can only fit the longer SDCP to the earlier cars.

Adding the tailpipe diverters pointing the sound down/across the tarmac is good for another 2-3dbs reduction.

For those REALLY tough circuits, e.g. Brands/Bedford/Thruxton etc, the 100mm diameter, 350mm long tailpipe add-on silencers are hugely effective and bring the decibels right down to 90-92dbs.



H2 silencer + SDCP (with 100mm dia Carbon tips) - 1478 .00GBP

With Tailpipe diverters - ............................................ - 1546 .00GBP

With Tailpipe Add-On silencers - .............................. - 1796 .00GBP


£1,773.60 (inc. VAT)
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