12/08/2018: OK - another week of 18hr days, THEN I'm going on holiday. Coming attractions?

1/. TVS1900 charged-cooled supercharger kits.

2/. Super-quiet V6 exhausts for the UK trackday enthusiasts.

3/. Stainless name/model tags for each 2bular exhaust design. Owners know that only 2bular build specific exhausts for each motor. Being asked a lot now if the 2bular exhaust offered for sale is the right one for their car. Glad the message is getting through!

29/07/2018: Always happy to entertain the Seloc massive! There's seldom any certainties in life but here's three; never again will a Seloc moderator delete a thread criticising a sponsor. Never again will we see a gagging order(!) in the Lotus aftermarket! Oh - and never again will one of my competitors buy up an un-used 2bular domain name and use it to divert enquiries to his own 'site.

20/07/2018: The new Rev2 70mm valved system for the supercharged V6's is in demand! From Stuttgart to Singapore, from Austin Tx to Australia - the whole World wants this exhaust. Rev 2? Different internals, double-skinned silencer body, small change on the exhaust valve itself, 3-rod hanger bracket layout and my favourite - a V-band connector on the tailpipe module. Still the only manufacturer who uses 100mm diameter tailpipes. Still the same manic howl at full throttle (you only get the scream when you ditch the factory manifolds/headers). Imbecile of a moderator on TLF calls it "anti-social" - good enough for me ;-)

23/06/2018: Interested to read the new "Absolute Lotus" magazine! Will make a change from the Porsche/Ferrari dominated market. Must be over 20 years since I had an advertisement in a print magazine but I was beaten into submission by Karen ;-) Certainly don't need the work(!) but always exciting to see your business advert when you open a new magazine with that freshly-printed smell.

TVS1900 conversions: Not quite convinced of the need tbh and I'm hearing some experiences haven't been great. I'll have more install information/guidance etc with before/after dyno-graphs - all in short supply at the moment it seems.

20/06/2018: Spent last week down in Englandshire. A welcome increase in temperatures, although the World Cup frenzy was slightly disconcerting ;-) Out-sourcing production is a PITA - but necessary to try and keep up with demand. BUSY? The word doesn't cover it. On top of the V6 craziness, the demand for the new QP H2 systems has surprised me but reports about over-heating competitors' systems has maybe triggered demand from the racers. If you run a racecar, you need a STRAIGHT-THRU EXHAUST. I have built a QP system for the K-series too(!). New batch of 4-2-1 manifolds for the K-series is in the pipeline + a revised SDCP for that motor. New info on the appropriate page shortly.

04/06/2018: Apart from the demand/sales through the website, some of you will know I have to supply an ever-increasing Lotus dealer network. The factory does not carry any OEM-fit catalysers and the 2bular options with their HJS catalysers are extremely popular. Mainly because they actually work(!) and I try to supply them asap. Doesn't help my every-day timetable but I hate to hear a grown man cry.

Demand for 2bular exhausts continues to grow - no big surprise as I'm the only supplier to cover all the different models with all the different systems from NOISY to quiet and of course, performance manifolds for the N/A (4-2-1 designs) and the supercharged (4-1 designs) models. I even have 3 different 4-1's for the 3 different 2zz superchargers!

Phone calls - yes. Txts - probably. E-mails - maybe.

07/05/2018: Another Bank Holiday week-end out of the way! Good to have some peace and quiet to crack on with the orders ;-) Some answers to recent questions:

No RE-PACKS?: 2018 is already proving to be a hugely busy year and some exhausts have had to be deleted. The whole process of building them, re- packing/repairing/maintaining them is a business on its own - but I just don't have the time - sorry!

Ditto the V6 N/A valved systems - DELETED. A very expensive exhaust to build - in time and materials. Only 2bular offer different exhausts for the N/A motor AND the supercharged installs. The N/A track exhausts (non-valved) are very popular worldwide anyway and the sound is absolutely amazing. Remember, only 2bular offer different diameter exhausts for the N/A and the supercharged installs. for the N/A - 70mm for the supercharged motor.

S1 K-SERIES?: Again, a very expensive exhaust and manifold to hand-fabricate and TIG-weld. I am encouraged by recent enquiries but I intend to offer the German HJS catalysers on the N/A installs (1zz, 1zr and 2zz) and prices will probably be too much for the K-series owners. Sorry - but that's going on past experience. Prove me wrong though, all you K-series owners who have been enquiring about exhausts for your install!

13/04/2018: I have 100's, HUNDREDS(!) of e-mails unanswered at the moment. If you are grievously affronted at my inability to deal with your questions please try again - I don't mind a nudge or two. I usually take Sunday to deal with e-mails but I've been working 7 days a week since New Year. I AM dealing with 99% of the phone calls - and the disruption is immense - but heh ho.

10/04/2018: Rolling again on the V6 exhausts - particularly the hugely popular Engine Protection Kits. Some of you will know I am in the middle of a big out-sourcing programme. Extremely disruptive as not only do I have to supply a pattern exhaust but also separate component parts and photos/guides of the build sequence. Has to be done to try and keep up with demand but the renowned 2bular quality will be maintained. I refused to countenance a change to the welding process. I use TIG-welding throughout. It's time-consuming but it really makes a difference. MIG (squirt-gun) welding is horrible to look at. It might speed up the build time but the reduction in quality is just too much. One of my (so-called) competitors changed to mostly MIG-welding a couple of years ago and it's been a disaster for them. I've picked up a lot of their overseas agents now.

Prices!: Price rises are coming soon. I've managed to keep a lid on most of my prices over the last few years. Feedback always tells me 2bular quality is way ahead of the rest (ok, I know it too!). Demand has always out-stripped supply and the move to out-sourcing means out-sourced profits. Building to 2bular quality means finding another quality outfit - not easy in the UK!

New designs for the V6 exhausts are coming. Different layout on the valved exhausts. My 70mm Road system is incredibly popular amongst the "hooligan" element ;-) but I need to think about the 70mm valved system running on a UK track.

08/03/2018: IMPORTANT! (even more important than the "IMPORTANT" post below) ;-)

Due to unprecedented demand for 2bular exhausts, I cannot take any more orders this month. The back-log is growing too fast. Last year was crazy but this year has surpassed that already. Lotus owners worldwide KNOW that 2bular is THE best exhaust on the market but supply is limited and I've recruited help in production to turn orders around faster. Many people have been patient but I want more stock on my new shelves!

04/03/2018: I've lived and worked up around the Arctic Circle at -30deg C so the Beast from the East is really a pussy-cat. Brennevin and a spark (Google it) was all I needed to get around ;-) However, I've had slow deliveries this week and shipping has certainly been disrupted. Production still on-schedule for most orders next week. Great to see the 4-cyl owners piling in - it's not just a V6 world!

K-series!: I deleted the 4-2-1 manifolds and systems - an avalanche of enquiries and potential orders followed. Work that one out you marketing guys. I have been really impressed by the performance and reliability of the German HJS catalysers on the supercharged 4-cyl and all my V6 installs. They are fitted to all modern supercars. Expensive(!) - but they work. I have decided to fit these to the N/A 4-2-1 manifolds on the 1zz, 1zr and 2zz n/a motors - and POSSIBLY the K-series. New inlet/exit cones specifically for the 121mm diameter 200cell HJS designs are required - should be in production in two weeks. I will post information/prices on the n/a pages/K-series pages before the end of the month.

05/02/2018: IMPORTANT!

I've recently been contacted by several UK Lotus dealers looking for a trackday exhaust solution for prospective customers of the Exige 380/Evora 400 (and subsequent models coming along - GT410/GT430 etc).

"If you can find me a quiet enough exhaust so I can track it - I will buy the car! 98dbs would be fine - don't want to drive around in silence" is the usual request. I've been carrying out a lot of R&D on this very product and am now able to provide such an exhaust. Tested at the very noise-averse Brands Hatch circuit with 91dbs static and ran all day with no problems on an Exige 380. I had to emphasise to the dealers that 2bular is the ONLY manufacturer who can supply such an exhaust WITHOUT introducing back-pressure into the system. The factory system has 60mm diameter downpipes and (when the exhaust valve is open) a 76mm diameter exhaust. This OEM exhaust was designed to have absolutely minimal back-pressure. I don't know ANY owner of these cars who doesn't love the sound of that exhaust - BUT it won't get you on a UK trackday.

The 2bular system has a STRAIGHT-THRU SILENCER working with 70mm diameter pipework (no exhaust valve) and I have carried out back-to-back dyno testing against the OEM exhaust. Result showed a slight GAIN in power/torque for the 2bular system.


I have also been contacted about building a NOISIER system for the GT430 - "I want to lose weight and make more NOISE" - only 2bular has a design that can do this.

I'll be posting up all the info/images/prices on the Evora 400 and Exige 380 pages shortly. Hopefully have a pic of the 2bular on the GT430!

24/01/2018: Phew - that flu bug flattened me. So much for the flu-jab! Only now able to have a reasonable 'phone conversation without sounding like a bad Stephen Hawking impersonator. Anyway - 4 x V6 valved systems sold in 2 hours today - what's going on? Plenty of the valved silencers already built, which helps with lead times. A bit of an N/A revival going on too - the 4-2-1 manifolds selling well.

Exhaust Comparison website - this is going to be ................................. interesting.

01/01/2018: Hallo to 2018! I've been working away in the new workshop this past few days. Adjusting to the new layout and the new TIG-welder. Still trying to find stuff(!). R&D on new designs and the new exhaust comparison website has been delayed until I got on top of the orders but I will have plenty of information next week.

31/12/17: Good-bye to 2017! One heck of a year with increased demand for my exhausts and the huge disruption of the move into the new workshop. I'm a happy man now that everything is stowed properly and the new machinery is installed and working. Many, many thanks to all of my customers this year.

04/12/17: Having experienced the shipping meltdown over the Black Friday/Cyber Monday week-end and looking ahead to the Christmas/New Year break. Shipping at that time of year has always been a nightmare - just not going to get involved in it all this time.

2bular will be closed from 16th December to 7th January (inclusive).

I'll be in the workshop most of that time - plenty to be getting on with. I'll make sure the webshop orders are completed and shipped before then. Trade orders will have to wait till after the break. It's a chance for me to get ahead of demand for once. Especially Re-Packs and V6 exhausts!

08/11/17: Finally - FINALLY completed the move into the new workshop. Once I'd changed the layout for the third/last time, production is ramping up again. Need to clear the back-log by the end of this month as I'm off to the Essen Motor Show first week in December. Second week in December is ear-marked for the (much-delayed) R&D on the new V6 TVS1900 manifold. Third and fourth week will probably see me changing the workshop layout again. Early 2018 is looking horrendously busy already. Demand is right across the board - 1ZZ to Exige 380 - crazy.

02/10/17: Phew - it's a bit of a slog at the moment. Measure/Cut/Weld - Measure/Cut/Weld! Trying to get as many orders out the door as I can.

I have several new products to go up on the site - but the images taken inside the new unit haven't turned out well. Have to build another "studio"!

NOISE: Exige 380 owners in the UK. A fantastic, track-focused car but you can't get on track because you're car is too LOUD. I've had three cars out there running various exhaust layouts and will be able to finalise a specification for you in the next two weeks. Remember, if you want a Track system for your car it HAS to have 70mm pipework. Anything smaller than that is restrictive and could damage your engine at track revs.

I enjoyed the video of the Italian 380 owner running at Monza with the full 2bular V6 exhaust! 3-1 manifolds/57mm downpipes/70mm de-cat pipe(!) into the 70mm valved system. Now, owners who've fitted my 70mm valved system will know that when the valve is "Open" there is ZERO silencing effect - it's a straight pipe direct to the tailpipes (which should be pulled out clear of the diffuser!). That sound isn't the best IMO - I prefer the 2bular "Track" system which DOES have SOME silencing effect. Lightweight/no valve or its associated pipework. Going to send one out for the guy to try.

16/09/17: Saturday - today is Re-Pack day. All you patient(!) Re-Pack customers will receive your order next week. Still ploughing through July's record-breaking sales so everything else has been on hold. New exhaust comparison website is nearly finished. Lots of interesting info. Why 1ZR owners shouldn't fit the Lotus Stg1 exhaust. Why 2ZR owners need to avoid the Lotus Stg3 exhaust! 2bular Vs. Hangar 111 . QP Vs. QT is going to be very interesting. Tomorrow is e-mail day and I will answer all the enquiries about the "stuff" below.

25/08/17: Holiday week-end, so a quick European sales trip! Hopefully, the Lufthansa pilots don't go on strike again. Back in the 'shop Wednesday 30th August.

QUIET TRACKDAY EXHAUSTS: Sadly, there's serious interest in these. I know the V6's have most problems with NOISE at some UK tracks but some 4-cyl cars (mostly 2ZR's) are also having issues - so I will build a small run for these installs - 2bular QUIET PERFORMANCE (QP) systems will be available next month!

14/08/17: QUIET TRACKDAY EXHAUSTS: I smiled when I read the drive-by noise readings for the latest V6 models (Evora 400/410 and the Exige 380) with the 3" bore exhausts - 119dbs! Not much help if you're a UK-based trackday enthusiast. I will have my new QUIET PERFORMANCE (QP) systems ready next month. Read more on the specific model pages about these new designs.

Incoming 'phone calls to me usually start with "I know you're a busy man but ........" Well, despite having a big red banner with an "On Holiday" message across the Home page, July sales of 2bular exhausts shattered all previous records! August has kicked off at a heck of rate too. I am a VERY busy man. Having a chat with a couple of consultants, the buzz phrase "managing expectations" was emphasised. Unprecedented Worldwide demand is a problem some businesses would love to have I'm sure but I do need to address concerns on delivery dates. In future, Order Numbers will be allocated a BUILD SLOT so that "Exhaust Exhilaration" can be controlled - ok, so one of my recent customers came up with that phrase and it did make me smile.

Most Lotus Elise/Exige/Evora owners will know I design and build different exhausts for the N/A cars and the Supercharged cars. I'm the ONLY manufacturer who bothers to do this. Different engines need different exhausts to deliver best power and torque - and of course best sound! Even the 1ZZ N/A exhaust is a different design from the 2ZZ N/A system! It's a simple and correct strategy and it's probably why the Lotus World looks to 2bular for their new exhaust.

BENCHMARK/COMPARISON WEBSITE: Lots of enquiries about this and more information coming in from Lotus owners. Design is now in progress and I will link to it shortly. Always good to be informed and educated about the various exhausts available on this market.

S1 K-SERIES: The jig for this exhaust was damaged in the move to our new workshop. Took time out to build a new one and I will put all the info/pics up on the page. A lot of interest still. First one off the new jig will be installed soon. Some of you know a 6"dia silencer with a 2.5" bore is NOT the best design for a K-series ;-) (ok for a very NOISY Honda install - but not for a K-series).

STUFF! I've got some interesting used "stuff" left over after the move. Would rather not try to find room for any of it in the new shop.

K-series 4-2-1 (no de-cat/cat pipe).

+ 7"dia twin-tip system. Needs 180deg bend to fit 3-bolt flange.

111R 4-2-1. Can add de-cat or catalyser if you wish.

Exige S 2ZZ-GE systems - various used.

Exige V6 "Track" system x 2. Overseas version (small silencer). No tips (but can supply whatever you need).

1ZR Rotrex SC conversion 4-1 manifolds x 3.

E-mail enquiries only please.

21/07/17: A Titanium exhaust? No thanks - had enough experience of these in the Evo world. The Far East like this material but over here and tbh in most Motorsport circles it's Inconel that's the material of choice. I already have the 2ZZ 4-1 Inconel manifold for sale (3.4Kgs!) - more info on V6 options shortly.

21/07/17: Lordy! Honda conversions!! These take up more of my time than dronnnnnning exhaust questions. I had a very expensive Honda 4-2-1 manifold stolen by an Exige owner in Yorkshire, so I have changed the way I deal with the sale of this particular manifold. Engine position is crucial for manifold clearances but unfortunately even kits supplied by the same conversion firm don't position the engine in the same place every time. So it can be a time-consuming process to finally have your 2bular exhaust all fitted and ready for track.

20/07/17: Benchmark testing! Well, there's certainly a thirst for knowledge out there - thank you for all the questions. Actually, my wife hit the nail on the head "You think you know all the answers - but do you know all the questions?!" And that is the key when buying an exhaust (I'm only interested in exhausts - if you want to buy a washing machine, look elsewhere!). I don't want my website contaminated by other firms' exhausts so I'll be setting up a new website dedicated to benchmarking my products against other designs and giving you information and advice on what to look for and what questions to ask. More info shortly.

27/06/17: I'm ex-Fleet Air Arm, served on HMS Ark Royal (R09). Watching Big Lizzie set sail brought a lump to my throat - and my eyes out on stalks looking at the living accommodation! Lucky b's. Good times!

07/06/17: Gone are the days when I could have 70 - 80 productive hours in the workshop. More like 25 - 30 hours now. After the recent holiday week-end I was determined to answer every single e-mail and every single 'phone call. I finally switched the welder on at 4:20pm. After this recent week-end, I answered every e-mail and every 'phone call - switched the welder on at 3:10pm - that's not happening again - sorry.

I'm advised by well-meaning professionals that I need a PA to handle communications. One 'phone call from a guy planning a Honda conversion lasted 48 minutes. We started at the manifold design - over/under the subframe - 4-1 or 4-2-1. Carried on to the Cat/De-Cat (or Silenced De-Cat!) . Then on to NOISE - need the big 8" but with/without the H1 chamber. Std or Re-Pack. Then the tip - single round/twin/oval. There is NO WAY a PA can discuss this stuff - so my 48min call has to take place at some point. I'm not paying someone to say "Jim can't come to the 'phone right now".

I've decided to have a day (or two!) where I deal solely with communications and the rest of the week is SOLELY on production - NO e-mails/NO 'phone calls - lock-down. The back-log is growing again - the move hasn't helped - but once it's all settled down I'll post up the "LOCK-DOWN" days/dates. You can still txt me(!) if there's something urgent - and I will get back to you by the end of the working day.

With the UK tracks imposing some rigid NOISE limits. I need some R&D time to work out solutions. I don't see the point in driving around in a hoover (other vacuum cleaners are available) ALL THE TIME. So, it's tailpipe add-ons required - they can be really effective but they need safe/secure fittings.

14/05/17: ok, Plan B;


At the moment, I answer approx. 50% of the e-mails and 90% of the 'phone calls - that will change (not for the better!) during the week of the move. :-0 - sorry but I can only do so much. Hand-built/TIG-welded - got to be the slowest form of production in the World but the World seems to like 2bular quality - if not the wait! Once the new 'shop is up and running, the lead times will come down very quickly. Especially for the V6 exhausts. I have never built/shipped so many exhausts as I have done this past 6 months - and it's no-where near enough(!) - that needs to change and it will. Throughout this busy period R&D has stopped and that really pains me because I always like to keep ahead of the pack. It's not much of a "pack" but heh-ho you can only beat what's in front of you ;-)

07/05/17: Still in the old 'shop whilst we beef up security in the new place. Final move put back a couple of weeks. Production on the 380/400 "Track" systems has been put on hold till we've completed the move - sorry, I know there's a queue for these.

03/04/17: The V6 world has gone berserk. 15 systems sold in 5 days! As if I haven't got enough stress, I'm moving into a new-build unit/workshop. Clean sheet to work with - new weld-stations, more racks to store more exhausts! Those V6 systems are big. Will run both old and new 'shops until the final switch.

06/03/17: Production has now started on the Evora 400/410 "Track" system! Bit of a PITA to build but if it was easy, everyone would .................................. ;-) Keep an eye on the Evora 400 page for info/pics etc.

10/02/17: Lots of R&D going on! New performance exhausts coming for the Atom and the KTM (bit different!). Finished the prototype "quiet" Trackday system for the Evora 400/410 - slip-fits to the 3"dia link pipe on the factory exhaust. Testing/more details to follow.

22/01/17: New "2BULARACE" product line specifically for track/race usage coming - including lightweight Re-Pack race system for the 3-eleven - but can be fitted to any of the V6 installs. The Evora 400 will certainly need this for track! New 4-1 race manifold + SDCP developed for the 250Cup. Pics and info soon.

04/01/17: So long to 2016. A very good year for 2bular! Demand and sales through the roof - profits doubled.

5/12/16: Back in the old routine after our trip to Essen. A LOT of catching up to do!No thanks to Lufthansa pilots for going on strike. No thanks to Flybe for operating aircraft which can't land in a little fog! Will try KLM next time.

Essen Show - 12 halls of top-quality modded cars and products. Have to say it all makes our Autosport Show in Birmingham look like a local car meet.

22/11/16: Essen Motor Show - hier kommen wir!

31/10/16: Woof! The £ drops, 2bular sales go through the roof! Euroland is piling in with orders. I'm getting on top of the Re-Pack system orders now - been a bad delay on these and they're a very popular option for the trackday guys.

31/08/16: Celebrating 11 years supplying the Lotus exhaust market! Worldwide demand for 2bular exhausts is insatiable and I have recruited some excellent suppliers to help me with that demand. Always a difficult decision but when you have the supplier to one of the leading (very leading!) Formula One teams on board, it's easier to take that decision.

20/07/16: AH! Summer in Scotland - my favourite day of the year.

02/07/16: "Jim, how can we quieten down this Evora 400 exhaust?" Ha Ha Haaaaaaaaaa. Will take a look - been asked several times now. Janspeed have split the link-pipe, so it's not easy to fit another small silencer in that area. 3" is a very stupid bore for an exhaust on this motor. Droney/LOUD - stupid.

01/07/16: Titanium 2ZZ 4-1 manifolds(headers)? Don't be silly ............ but Inconel designs? Yup - I was first coded on Inconel in 1986 - so no stranger to this material. Will look at manifolds (headers) first.

25/04/16: OOF! Stunning dyno results for the Elise S 220Cup running the full 2bular exhaust install - a +32whp gain from our 4-1 manifold + 200cell HJS HD catalyser.

12/02: 1ZR owners! Check out the new 2bular stepped, 4-1 manifold + 200cell directional-flow HJS catalyser for the ROTREX conversion kit supplied by Komo-tec.

Up till now, they've had to use the small-bore factory manifold but with the new stepped design, we're looking for even more gains from this popular conversion with upgraded ECU tuning.

1ZR owners living in Germany, Austria or Switzerland, please contact for sales and info. If you live in Italy, please contact

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