11/10/2018: New website under development. Time, time, time.

V6 ECU re-flashes: never came across one that worked all the time for all the cars. Had enough of the stalling, hesitation etc. I howled at the after-market offering of a stand-alone ECU for £1500 - ain't gonna happen. Feel free to be the guinea-pig!

2bular stand-alone ECU: in final stages of development. Plug-and-play solution to the existing problems with after-market "tunes". I have always advised that the OEM T6 ECU will do a pretty good job of dealing with even a 2bular manifold/header change-out on its own - and it does! I have many, many happy customers who've done just that. But all enthusiasts know there's more power/torque to be had if you can control the ECU. Unfortunately, the Lotus ECU isn't keen on letting you "in" - so why bother with erratic "tunes/re-flashes" ? Just remove it and fit a different ECU which can control EVERYTHING - even different fuels. More info soon.

12/08/2018: OK - another week of 18hr days, THEN I'm going on holiday. Coming attractions?

1/. TVS1900 charged-cooled supercharger kits.

2/. Super-quiet V6 exhausts for the UK trackday enthusiasts.

3/. Stainless name/model tags for each 2bular exhaust design. Owners know that only 2bular build specific exhausts for each motor. Being asked a lot now if the used 2bular exhaust offered for sale is the right one for their car. Glad the message is getting through!

29/07/2018: Always happy to entertain the Seloc massive! There's seldom any certainties in life but here's three;

Never again will a Seloc moderator delete a thread criticising a sponsor.

Never again will we see a gagging order(!) imposed on a customer by a Lotus aftermarket supplier!

Oh - and never again will one of my competitors buy up an un-used 2bular domain name and use it to divert enquiries to his own 'site.

20/07/2018: The new Rev2 70mm valved system for the supercharged V6's is in demand! From Stuttgart to Singapore, from Austin Tx to Australia - the whole World wants this exhaust. Rev 2? Different internals, double-skinned silencer body, small change on the exhaust valve itself, 3-rod hanger bracket layout and my favourite - a V-band connector on the tailpipe module. Still the only manufacturer who uses 100mm diameter tailpipes. Still the same manic howl at full throttle (you only get the scream when you ditch the factory manifolds/headers). Imbecile of a moderator on TLF calls it "anti-social" - good enough for me ;-)

23/06/2018: Interested to read the new "Absolute Lotus" magazine! Will make a change from the Porsche/Ferrari dominated market. Must be over 20 years since I had an advertisement in a print magazine but I was beaten into submission by Karen ;-) Certainly don't need the work(!) but always exciting to see your business advert when you open a new magazine with that freshly-printed smell.

TVS1900 conversions: Not quite convinced of the need tbh and I'm hearing some experiences haven't been great. I'll have more install information/guidance etc with before/after dyno-graphs - all in short supply at the moment it seems.

04/06/2018: Apart from the demand/sales through the website, some of you will know I have to supply an ever-increasing Lotus dealer network. The factory does not carry any OEM-fit catalysers and the 2bular options with their HJS catalysers are extremely popular. Mainly because they actually work(!) and I try to supply them asap. Doesn't help my every-day timetable but I hate to hear a grown man cry.

Demand for 2bular exhausts continues to grow - no big surprise as I'm the only supplier to cover all the different models with all the different systems from NOISY to quiet and of course, performance manifolds for the N/A (4-2-1 designs) and the supercharged (4-1 designs) models. I even have 3 different 4-1's for the 3 different 2zz superchargers.

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