Lightweight 70mm Track/Road system

So you want to save some weight? You have to delete the exhaust valve and all its associated pipework. Not everyone is UK-based and has to meet the UK trackday noise-limits but I designed this straight-thru system to be just below 105dbs. A lot of internal work on the silencer, with 4 separate resonance chambers, a hand-rolled core-pipe and no packing materials to worry about.

It fits to the 76mm factory link-pipe, using the factory clamp. 100mm diameter Carbon tailpipes sit in the diffuser perfectly.

The 2bular QP system - another straight-thru design - has different internals and can run at Brands Hatch with its tailpipe add-on silencers. If you don't want the extra weight/cost, this lightweight 70mm bore system is for you. 76mm bore on the factory system is too big for this install and you lose boost/power.

I dyno'd my 70mm system against the factory 76mm - no power loss - actually a small gain in mid-range and that's before the ECU adjusted for the increased boost!


£1,262.40 (inc. VAT)
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