70mm non-valved Track/Road system

If you want to track your car on a UK circuit, you need a big silencer. This system is (265mm x 135mm) and is a quieter version of the smaller 200mm x 100mm non-valved Lightweight system. You can still save weight (important for Track use) and you get rid of the exhaust valve and its associated pipework and packing materials (always advisable!). I have added the unique 2bular Silenced De-Cat Pipe (SDCP) to this system as standard and it has tested at Goodwood; reading 98dbs one week and 102dbs the next. No, the packing hadn't blown out - it doesn't have any! Just a demonstration of how hit-and-miss drive-by noise-testing can be.

if you fit the new 350mm 2bular add-on tailpipe silencers you will be below 98dbs. If you want quieter than that(!) - you must fit the 2bular QP SYSTEM. The add-ons are not suitable for Road use. See the separate page for details on these parts.

A lot of internal handiwork on this silencer with its hand-rolled core pipe and 4 resonance chambers helping to reduce the noise and Carbon tailpipes reducing the weight even more. ON THE EARLIER CARS WITH THE SMALLER-BORE 51mm DOWNPIPES, THIS SYSTEM WILL BE SLIGHTLY QUIETER THAN THE LATER 4** SERIES CARS WITH THEIR 60mm DOWNPIPES.

The chambered SDCP is a slip-on fit to the 3" (76mm) factory downpipe. I use a V-band at the join between SDCP and the system. No unsightly leaks over the anti-roll bar heat-shield. The tailpipe module, with its beautiful merge collector running below the oval silencer and its V-band to the system pipework is a unique feature of 2bular V6 exhausts.

This is a straight-thru exhaust and loses no power compared to the factory system. Check the dyno-graph comparing the 2bular 70mm with the factory 76mm - a small gain for the the 2bular! Any firm offering an aftermarket 3" (76mm) system for these cars has obviously not done any dyno R&D!

12/08/2019: IN STOCK NOW.

£1,370.40 (inc. VAT)
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