Lightweight 70mm Track/Road system

So you want to save some weight? You have to delete the exhaust valve and all its associated pipework. Not everyone is UK-based and has to meet the UK trackday noise-limits but I designed this straight-thru system to be just below 102dbs. You can always fit the 2bular add-on tailpipe silencers to bring that down even more. A lot of internal work on this silencer, with 4 separate resonance chambers, a hand-rolled core-pipe and no packing materials to worry about.

On the 4** series cars, it fits to the 76mm factory link-pipe, using the factory clamp. 100mm diameter Carbon tailpipes sit in the diffuser perfectly. Earlier cars (Exige S & 350) have a different, 63.5mm link-pipe to the downpipe flexy 2-bolt flange.

The 2bular QP system is quieter than this design - another straight-thru exhaust - has different internals and can run at Brands Hatch with its tailpipe add-on silencers. If you don't want the extra weight/cost of the QP system, this lightweight 70mm bore system is for you. The 76mm bore on the factory system (when the exhaust valve is 'open') is too big for this install and you lose boost/power.

I dyno'd my 70mm system against the factory 76mm - no power loss - actually a small gain in mid-range and that's before the ECU adjusted for the increased boost!


£1,262.40 (inc. VAT)
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