K-Series 4-2-1 Manifold

Another 2bular product I've brought back due to demand.

A 4-2-1 design with 1 5/8"diameter primaries - (the correct bore for a K-Series) opened out at the head flange to 1 3/4" to accommodate any porting modifications. The head flange itself is a 2bular design, 10mm thick, with expansion slots. If you see a head flange cut to the gasket profile, you're dealing with an amateur. With this length of manifold, you really need a stiff flange to help combat expansion forces and engine movement. The 2-1 collectors are hand-formed, proper merge collectors - not squashed pieces of tube. All the welds are TIG-welded for strength and yes, they look a LOT better than any squirt-gun (MIG) weld.

The primary lengths combined with matched secondaries ensure exceptional scavenging at the exhaust port, giving excellent power and torque from a standard or tuned K-Series motor.

The standard 3-bolt flange finishes in the same position as factory.


£698.40 (inc. VAT)
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