Exige V6 70mm Catless Power Kit

Not everyone needs a big HJS HD catalyser!

Here is the 2bular 70mm Catless Power Kit. The stepped 48mm 3-1 manifolds + 57mm downpipes combine to give class-leading power AND torque.

No need to worry about risking the catalyser on track - just best power and torque with an amazing scream to the exhaust note. You might get a CEL, you might not. Some of my overseas clients are running with no tuning or CEL's - so it is possible - just not something I would recommend. The motor will run perfectly even with the CEL. If you want full control you should fit the RRR stand-alone ECU - https://rrrshop.co.uk/

Better than any re-flash/re-tune, the RRR ECU gives full control over all important functions and integrates with the factory sensors and dash.

£2,073.60 (inc. VAT)
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