2ZZ-GE 4-2-1 Manifold & HJS Catalyser

This combination of stepped, equal-length 4-2-1 manifold and 200cell HJS catalyser gives you the biggest power and torque gains whilst still being able to pass any emissions tests. The stepped design maintains a high gas-speed at the cylinder head and the hand-formed/TIG-welded 2-1 collectors reduce turbulence at these critical junctions. There are no leaky slip-joints or springs to worry about - the T4ECU doesn't take kindly to air-leaks in the manifold!

Only 2bular offer this layout for the normally-aspirated (N/A) 2ZZ-GE motor. I use different diameters of catalysers to suit the various power outputs of the Toyota motors used by Lotus. The 2ZZ-GE N/A catalyser is 121mm diameter, smaller than the 130mm diameter of the supercharged installs - but it's still a BIG catalyser. ONLY 2BULAR DO THIS. Catalysers are not beneficial to power or torque and you need to pay attention to the effect on gas-flow and speed by these products. If you have to have a catalyser fitted, the HJS is the highest quality product produced by the leading catalyser manufacturer in the World.


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£1,560.00 (inc. VAT)
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