QUESTIONS, Questions, questions.

Why 2bular?

I design and build the exhausts I sell. They are hand-built and TIG-welded - a very slow production process but this ensures a high-quality product. I've looked at some sorry-looking squirt-gun (MIG) welded exhausts recently - very poor 'quality'. The word 'quality' is used in the marketing blurb of some other aftermarket V6 exhausts and I wonder if the typical V6 owner really knows what they're buying. It's only by asking the right QUESTIONS that a V6 owner (or tuner) can be assured he (or she) has made the right choice. Ask for some images of the exhaust you are being offered with the 'tune' for example. Here are 3 questions to ask for starters;

Question 1/. Does the exhaust have a 70mm bore? Only a 70mm bore will give you full power and torque on the supercharged V6 motor. Only 2bular has a 'true' 70mm bore starting at the entrance to the valve merge-pipe - IMAGE 1. If the 63.5mm factory de-cat/link-pipe slide-fits into the valve merge-pipe on a.n.other exhaust - it's not a 'true' 70mm system. The 2bular 70mm V-band connector ensures a gas-tight/secure join between the system and the 2bular de-cat/link-pipe. ONLY 2bular SUPPLIES ITS OWN DE-CAT/LINK-PIPE WITH THE SYSTEM - INCLUDED IN THE PRICE.

Question 2/. Does the tailpipe module connect to the system by a V-band connector? - IMAGE 2. Only 2bular use this layout for a fully gas-tight/secure join and of course you can adjust the height of the tailpipes in the diffuser.

Question 3/. What diameter of tailpipes do you use? Only 2bular use 100mm diameter tailpipes - with 3 options - Stainless/Carbon/Titanium (90mm Ti std - 100mm POA). They are the perfect size for filling the diffuser aperture. The module itself is a proper merge-collector - IMAGE 3 - not a squashed piece of tube which restricts flow and is as far from 'quality' as you can get. If you are looking for the most power and torque, you must handle the gas-flow efficiently and with minimal back-pressure. Only a proper merge-collector will achieve this.

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