Quiet Performance (QP) Track system for 2ZR/2ZZ.

Supercharged 4-cylinder motors - 2ZR (especially!) - and tuned 2ZZ's are having a hard time meeting the lower drive-by decibel limits being imposed on UK circuits.

On the higher-powered V6 installs I use a QP silencer with two Helmholtz resonance chambers (H2 version) plus a couple of tailpipe add-on silencers for the really tough circuits. Helped a lot of owners get out on track to enjoy their cars! The 2bular QP silencer is a straight-thru design - no power-losses - still has a decent exhaust note.

This 8"dia (203mm) silencer is an H2 version - with 2 Helmholtz chambers - easy to design - a real PITA to build. But it works and combined with the tailpipe add-on silencer (with the essential downward-pointing tip) helps control a lot of the NOISE. BTW - if you have fitted an aftermarket CAI, you're not helping yourself in trying to meet a drive-by noise-limit!!

The tailpipe add-on silencer is held by a V-band clamp to help adjustment under the diffuser and is gas-tight and secure. I prefer the twin tip tailpipe shown in the images as it is slightly quieter than the big oval tip. You can choose your TAILPIPE option below - includes the round tip from some Cup cars.

The tailpipe add-on silencer is NOT ROAD-LEGAL - yes, it looks weird - but it works.

Shipping: I use the very LARGE box from the V6 range to accommodate the extra silencer plus the expanding foam bags I use to protect everything from damage.


TWIN tailpipe ........... 662 .00GBP

OVAL tailpipe .......... 668 .00GBP

ROUND tailpipe ...... 690 .00GBP


£794.40 (inc. VAT)
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