Exige S 2ZZ-GE 4-1 Manifold & Catalyser

The perfect combination for a fast Road car.

This Revision2 4-1 manifold has 3 different diameters in its layout.

45mm, port-matched to the cylinder head to maintain gas-speed - for best torque - stepped up to 48mm and into a merged 4-1 collector (fully welded - no leaks/no springs) for best power. Final section of 63.5mm to match the system bore. All TIG-welded to perfection.

Only 2bular design and build a 4-1 manifold specifically for each of the Toyota 2ZZ-GE SC'd engines. Our MP45 4-1 (Elise SC) is different from our MP62 4-1 (Exige S) and we have a larger-bore 4-1 for the Harrop 1320 installs. No manifold can work to optimum on the three different SC's - there is no compromise on the 2bular.

Gains of 25bhp and 18ft/lbs of torque can be achieved with appropriate ECU tuning. A side-benefit is the most amazing scream from the exhaust note!

Catalyser: In keeping with the 2bular quality, I use the 200cell HJS HD catalyser. Made in Germany, it's recognised as the best catalyser in the World. Used as OEM supplier to all the Supercar manufacturers. It's big - 130mm diameter, it has heavy coatings of the precious metals used in these catalysers and it means you will meet any emissions tests. Don't settle for less.

Can't keep up with demand for this product - this is the most popular manifold/catalyser combo for the supercharged 2ZZ-GE!



£1,398.00 (inc. VAT)
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