My new QP (Quiet Performance) system to help Exige 380/410/430 and Evora 4**/3-eleven owners enjoy their cars on the noise-averse UK tracks. With TWO internal Helmholtz resonance chambers, this system still weighs less than the heavyweight factory exhaust AND it's the only straight-thru design to reach the low 90's dbs readings - in static and drive-by.

Lotus/Janspeed have gone to a lot of trouble to reduce the back-pressure in their new 3" (76mm) factory exhaust to protect those vulnerable pre-cats in their log-manifolds. A baffled design of silencer would introduce dangerous back-pressure - might keep the decibels down but those pre-cats don't need it!

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I have fitted a small resonance silencer (RH image) where the old "3rd catalyser" used to sit - PLUS for tighter noise-limits I supply those tailpipe add-on silencers (middle image) much loved by trackday enthusiasts. Unlike other designs available trackside, the 2bular add-ons are the SAME bore as the tailpipes running off the unique 2bular merge collector under the main silencer - no dangerous back-pressure introduced into the exhaust. Those downward pointing tips are very important. You can also rotate them away from the trackside microphone giving the most problems. I have tested this whole system at Brands Hatch (THE worst UK circuit for noise issues) and it gave 91dbs on static and ran all day with no problems reported. The tailpipe add-ons are not road-legal - just for trackday use. Re-fit those big 100mm Carbon tips (LH image) and at least you can have the car sounding better on the road - and no power losses!

Good write-up from an Exige 410 owner here - https://www.pistonheads.com/gassing/topic.asp?h=0&f=15&t=1818288&i=60

Thruxton is notoriously 'difficult' on NOISE.


What you get for your money:

Large main silencer.

Small resonance silencer.

100mm Carbon tailpipes.

100mm stainless add-on silencers. * SHIPPED SEPARATELY. *

EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 1276 .00GBP

£1,531.20 (inc. VAT)
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