Elise S 1ZZ-FE Manifold & HJS Catalyser

This 2bular 4-2-1 manifold is a massive improvement on the short/small-bore OEM design. An 8mm thick, laser-cut stainless steel head flange with expansion slots incorporated means an excellent seal between cylinder head and manifold. Longer primaries, with matched secondaries and fabricated/TIG-welded 2-1 merge collectors - no squashed pipe, no squirt-gun welding! 2bular quality.

Only 2bular back up their 1zz-fe manifold + HJS catalyser claims with a dyno-graph. You will see gains of at least 15bhp and 12ft/lbs torque - ACHIEVED WITH NO ECU TUNING - NO RE-FLASHES REQUIRED! Just fit and enjoy that extra grunt. The same torque as the N/A 2zz-ge motor!

Only 2bular fit an HJS 200cell catalyser to their 4-2-1 manifolds. An extremely high-quality design from the catalyser manufacturer who supplies all the World's supercars. It does not upset the sensitive Lotus ECU, so no CEL's and an easy pass on any emissions test. I SUPPLY A NEW 1st LAMBDA SENSOR + THE GASKET BETWEEN MANIFOLD AND CYLINDER HEAD.

Are you running the heavy Lotus Stg1 exhaust? That system was designed for the supercharged motor!

You need to fit the 2bular 1ZZ system for best results and sound - and you'll save some weight too!

Lead time for order: 1 month.


EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 877 .00GBP

£1,052.40 (inc. VAT)
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