Elise 1.6 1ZR-FAE Manifold & Catalyser

The OEM manifold is a short, small-bore 4-1 design - not the best for performance - and the 1ZR-FAE motor does need a bit more grunt.

The 2bular 4-2-1 manifold, with its longer, bigger-bore primaries and matched length secondaries gives a good increase in power and torque - minimum 15bhp and 12ft/lbs torque over the OEM figures. The 200cell HJS catalyser gives excellent and reliable performance on emissions tests. The motor loses nothing at lower revs and from 3000rpm onwards the difference is remarkable. The torque increase is especially welcome on the road.

With the longer pipework, I've had to move the 1st Lambda sensor downstream to the inlet cone on the HJS Catalyser. A wiring extension for the re-located sensor is supplied. Gasket between manifold and cylinder head is also supplied.

2bular build-quality features a laser-cut 8mm thick stainless steel head flange with expansion slots to control warpage and for the extra rigidity required with the longer pipework. A quality product with fabricated/TIG-welded merged 2-1 collectors.

09/08/2019: IN STOCK NOW.

£985.20 (inc. VAT)
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