250Cup 4-1 Manifold & SDCP

The 250Cup cars have increased power and torque and I designed a bigger-bore 4-1 manifold to help achieve even more!

Built to the highest standards ever seen in the Lotus world, it features stepped-primary pipes of bigger bore than the 220Cup 2bular 4-1 manifold. They maintain a high gas-speed out of the cylinder head and their bigger bore copes with the increased power of the 250Cup cars. The hand-built/TIG-welded, merged 4-1 collector besides being a work of art, allows minimum turbulence at this critical junction, improving gas-flow without damaging the amazing torque produced by the long-stroke 2ZR motor.

Increased power means increased NOISE and I have squeezed the biggest Silenced De-Cat Pipe I could into the space available. Plain De-Cat pipes are not much use these days - you need to use that space for another silencer! The chambered design borrows from fire-arm technology to reduce noise by another 5dbs at least. There are no packing materials to worry about - nothing survives inside a silencer placed on the end of a race 4-1 manifold!

If you are looking to race or trackday your 250Cup, 2bular has the performance exhausts for you.



£1,185.60 (inc. VAT)
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