250Cup 4-1 Manifold & De-Cat/Test Pipe

Some owners don't need a big catalyser, or another silencer (SDCP) - just best power/torque AND best sound!

This combination of stepped 4-1 manifold with a proper merged collector, fully TIG-welded connected to a plain/lightweight de-cat pipe is the best solution for Track or Race.

Only now that this firm - https://www.rrrengineering.co.uk/ has been working with a 2bular 260Cup client can we offer this pipe with no issues of CEL's/fuelling etc.

Independent testing showed the 2bular 2ZR 4-1 manifold performed best and

https://www.instagram.com/joetaylorracing/ proved it on the track!

Lead time for order: 2 weeks.

EXPORT PRICE (No VAT charge): 948 .00GBP

£1,137.60 (inc. VAT)
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