QP (Quiet Performance System)

This system features TWO Helmholtz resonance chambers - one at the silencer entry and one at the exit. It's a unique design in the Lotus world. Running at below 95dbs yet still having a straight-thru performance silencer with no power-loss. A good sportscar note is still achieved. Only 2bular offer this - I don't know any owner who wants to lose power!

On the standard 2bular Road system, the end-plates on the silencer are connected by the internal perforated tube, giving it its inherent strength and stability. The Helmholtz chambers at each end on this QP system mean this construction is not possible, so internal strengthening is required. Each chamber is double-skinned to eliminate dronnnnnnnne and the end-plates are supported to combat the excessive engine/transmission movement on these cars. Total weight of the QP exhaust is 9.5Kgs.

Some owners want the Oval tip - please check the Oval option below!


£630.00 (inc. VAT)
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