250Cup H1 Re-Packable Race Exhaust

If you track or race this supercharged car, you will need to be able to re-pack/rebuild your exhaust. It's the gas-speed which strips the packing out - not the heat.


The 8"dia silencer has the desirable H1 (One Helmholtz chamber) feature. This drops the noise levels by another 5dbs over the std 8"dia 2bular exhaust.

The silencer skin is 0.8mm thick stainless steel. The inlet end-plate takes the brunt of the stresses caused by excessive engine/transmission movement, so it is double-skinned and welded to the skin.

The outlet end has the removable end-cap to allow re-packing/re-building. It is held by sealed, stainless pop-rivets. Easy to drill out and replace. It is very unwise to use threaded fixings here as exhaust heat will gall (seize) them.

I design the inner core-pipe to be removable. Makes the whole re-pack task easier/quicker. You just place the packing materials on the bench and roll the core-pipe up like a Swiss roll. Place it back inside the silencer and pop-rivet the end-cap back on. Race teams do it in under 12mins.

£750.00 (inc. VAT)
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