Exige S2 2ZZ-GE 8"dia Re-Packable Thru-Diffuser System

This system has all the features required to keep your track/race exhaust in tip-top condition.

The cheap/rigid exhaust mounts place a huge load on the hanger brackets, so I've moved them to a saddle-clamp layout. These have an in-built flexibility to isolate the system from excessive engine/transmission movements.

The silencer body itself is made from 0.8mm thick stainless steel. The inlet end-cap experiences the most stress, so the silencer is double-skinned at that point and the end-cap is welded in place.

The removable outlet end-cap is a 2bular pressing with a tapered flange to ensure a good seal once it's pushed home. I now use stainless pop-rivets to hold the end-cap - quick/easy to replace - threaded fasteners tend to gall (seize) when exposed to exhaust heat. On the Thru-Diffuser systems, the inlet/outlet holes are off-set to push the silencer inboard away from the rear grilles/number-plate.

I use the double-skinned inlet end plus another baffle-plate to form a Helmholtz resonance chamber (H1 version). This drops the noise-levels another 5dbs approx. It's a real PITA to fabricate but it works very well.

The Thru-Diffuser pipework is removable to make the re-pack task easier - held with a very secure V-band connector. All-in-all, a very high-quality race exhaust system.

£750.00 (inc. VAT)
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