Exige S 2ZZ-GE 6"dia Re-Packable Thru-Diffuser System

A lightweight, NOISIER - much noisier(!) - version of the popular 8"dia Re-Packable Thru-Diffuser system.

Happy that some owners can still fit an exhaust that makes the car sound like it looks! Only 2bular supply a lightweight re-pack system for these cars.

No threaded fixings to seize because of the exhaust heat. Easy remove/replace the end-cap for re-packing task.

Quality build with a gas-tight/secure V-band connector between removable end-cap and thru-diffuser pipework. No crappy hose-clips on 2bular exhausts!

This system is very popular with owners looking for the lightest possible system along with the 2bular de-cat pipe. Remember, if you fit a de-cat pipe, the gas-speed is much higher and it will strip out the silencer packing during track-use. A catalyser actually protects the silencer packing by slowing down the gas-speed.

£582.00 (inc. VAT)
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