2-eleven Re-Pack Exhaust

Any track-oriented supercharged car needs a Re-Packable exhaust system.

The gas-speed on these installs is so high, it will strip the packing materials clean out of the silencer.

If you want to meet some of the tight db/noise limits on many tracks now, you need to keep your silencer in excellent condition. I've invested in press-tooling to make a very special end-cap for this big 8"diameter (203mm). Re-Packing is an easy task with stainless pop-rivets drilled out (no threaded fasteners to seize).

Paying heed to the increased cornering forces on a track/racecar and the rigid exhaust mounts used on these cars, the hanger brackets are removed from the end-caps and welded to a cross-bar/saddle-clamp arrangement. This set-up isolates the system from excess engine/transmission movement and imparts some much-needed flexibility to the whole exhaust.

The tailpipe is held securely by a V-Band clamp, which allows full adjustability and is easily removed when carrying out the re-packing task.

For better noise-control I can fabricate a Helmholtz chamber at the inlet end of the silencer. This will reduce db's by a further 3-5dbs. STRONGLY RECOMMENDED FOR UK CIRCUITS! Select H1 option below.


£558.00 (inc. VAT)
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